About Us

Brief history

I started my company in November 2013, originally we were called R A R Heating and plumbing but recently we changed to R A R Heating and Gas services as these are the areas we specialise in.

I served my time between 16-20 years old as an electrician but then an opportunity arose for me to re-train to become a gas engineer as that was actually my 1st choice when leaving school. I worked with Scottish gas for 10 years where I was lead technician for the last 3 years of my time there and built up a great knowledge and understanding of all aspects of gas work and energy efficiency. I also learned about customer service in which I pride myself on offering my customers a hassle free friendly service.


My aim for the company is to grow over time and also offer an apprenticeship to a younger person as I know it can be very difficult for youngsters in todays climate regarding employment. I believe the only way to running a sustained healthy business is to have 100% customer satisfaction and that is something we pride ourselves on, I want our customers to be 100% confident whilst recommending us to their friends


We wear all the appropriate PPE whilst on site and also use dust sheets to protect your property. We strive to keep our customers and their families safe by ensuring all tools are kept to the work area, we believe in good housekeeping!


If our customers are kind enough to offer, it’s just a “wee” splash of milk!!! (-: